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Mmm . . . Amaretto Cream Pie

Mt. Vernon Restaurant offers special homemade desserts that are as rich in tradition as they are in taste.

Apple Pie has played an intricate role in the history of Mt Vernon and although we still offer this timeless delicacy, in recent years people have come far and wide to taste our Amaretto Cream Pie. Its cream filling uses rich amaretto liquor, and the crust is made with a sweet pecan and butter-based cookie dough topped with fluffy whipped cream and slivered almonds.

Our servers are of the opinion that “We would have to close the restaurant and lock the door, if we were to ever run out of Amaretto Cream Pie.”

We are confident enough to say that our Amaretto Cream Pie is the new Apple Pie. Please see a list of all of our delicious desserts sold whole or by the slice.